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Last updated - April 2024

Please read carefully before making payment/placing a booking

By paying for a place on a Photography Walk (Group or 1-2-1), you agree to the following terms and conditions
and to take note of the advice provided.


1) All bookings must be paid for in advance - 'on the day' or 'walk up' bookings are not accepted.

2) Bookings can only be made through the websites below or by email request (then payable by invoice) / /

Bookings are not available through any other websites and refunds will not be provided if purchased from sites that differ to those listed above.

3) Payment is taken either through PayPal or requested by invoice (BACs preferred)

Unless otherwise stated on event page, photo walk fee refunds will be provided by the organiser if a walk is:
a) cancelled b) postponed/rescheduled and you are unable to make the new date

4) If a walk is to be cancelled/postponed for any reason (including but not limited to forecast of inclement weather), the organiser will let attendees know no less than 24 hours before it is due to start and where possible the event will be rescheduled.
If rescheduling is not possible, a full refund will be provided.

5) Group events will be cancelled if the minimum number of attendees is not reached.
For a group photography walk or workshop, the minimum number of attendees is three (not including the walk leader)

6) Regardless of reason, in the event of cancellation on the part of the organiser,
additional claims will not be considered from guests for: 
a) privately booked accommodation or b) associated travel costs

7) If you have booked and need to cancel your place, please let me know asap. With 48+ hours notice a full refund of photo walk fees will be be provided. With less than 48 hours notice, group and 1 to 1 photo walk fees are non refundable.

Pre booked tickets for external events are very often non refundable, while every effort will be made to re sell your space, if you cancel a booking for an externally ticketed event, you may not receive a full refund. This is clearly stated on event pages. If your place cannot be resold, a part refund of photo walk fees will apply (with the correct level of notice).

8) Please note that booking fees through Eventbrite are Non Refundable.

9) During a photo walk, you agree to follow all instructions given by the walk leader or other official stewards/guides. Instructions are in place for your own safety. Failure to comply with the walk leader or external guide/steward instructions will constitute a breach of these terms and you will be barred from all future photo walk events.

10) All attendees agree to provide a contact mobile number and details of an emergency contact for use (if required) during the walk. This information will not be used for marketing or any other purpose. All contact information will be held securely (digitally) for 21 days after walk day before being disposed of (deleted). This information will be requested at time of booking or shortly before the walk takes place.

11) Start times are as stated on the information page or 1-2-1 walk email - Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your event is scheduled to start. If you miss the start, there is no guarantee we can come back to meet you. If you think you will be late, please let me know.

12) Please make sure your camera/phone is fully charged and that you have spare batteries/SD cards where required. Feel free to bring any kit you are happy to carry and use. Unless otherwise stated, tripods are not necessary.

13) As events take place in public areas, please remain courteous at all times. If using tripods or leaving bags on the ground, please be wary of those around you and leave items in a safe place away from any pathways.

14) If we are visiting tourist locations, external rules (guidance, signage and verbal directions) must be followed at all times. If you are found to not be following external instructions, you will be asked to leave with no refund provided. You will also be barred from all future events.

15) Anyone behaving in a way that causes annoyance, distress or endangerment to myself, other attendees or members of the public will be asked to leave and no refund provided. You will also be barred from all future events. Events are designed to be inclusive, friendly, educational and fun.

16) Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions and relevant terrain. Each photography walk is approx. 5KM so please ensure you are happy and fit to walk this distance before booking.

17) Refreshments are not provided but please feel free to bring your own. Most locations we visit have cafes/restaurants.

18) As some walk locations are a little off the beaten track, toilet facilities aren't always guaranteed to be available. This is clearly stated on event pages. Please ensure you are comfortable before attending the start of a walk.

19) Smoking and vaping is discouraged, if you must smoke/vape, please do so away from myself and/or other attendees. 

20) Attendees agree to take part in photo walk (group and 1:1) events entirely at their own risk.

21) While guidance will be given, you are responsible for your own safety, well being and possessions at all times during an event. Jon Clifton Photography/Norfolk Photography Walks will NOT be liable for injury, accident or loss that may occur during an event. As such, please ensure you have the correct level of insurance to suit your needs as all claims must be settled directly with your insurer.

22) Walks are suitable for those of high school age 11+. Under 16's must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
All attendees (including chaperones) are required to pay the full attendance fee.

23) Photographs and/or film of attendees may be taken during an event. By purchasing a place, you agree to allow the use of these images for marketing, promotional and commercial purposes (online and in print). If for any reason you wish for an image of yourself to be removed or not used in this way, please let me know via email.

24) Gift vouchers are available to purchase for both group and 1-2-1 walks.
Please note that some events carry an external fee above the value of the voucher.

25) Jon Clifton Photography/Norfolk Photography Walks have full public indemnity insurance.

26) Event fees will alter depending on the type and length of an event and if any additional entry or attraction costs are involved.


If you'd like to attend but require assistance for an event, please contact me before booking.

For group or private bookings, please get in touch.


if you have any queries with regards to these terms, please get in touch

[email protected]